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Troop 2 Parent Packet List -- Organize in this order

In center

  • Welcome Letter with rates
  • Parent Guide (if updated - eventually will include bylaws)
  • By-Laws
  • Equipment Wisdom (What scouts need/what to buy/what to bring camping)
  • Boy Scout Organizational Chart (can we have our own)
  • Check list for Scout Badge/joining requirements
  • Online YPT Instructions

In left pocket (To be turned in):

  • Peoples Church Background Check Form (Volunteer Info Form for Current Year)
  • 2 BSA medical forms Part A & B
  • 2 BSA medical forms Part C
  • 1 Adult Resource Survey Form
  • 1 Merit badge counselor application
  • 1 Permission form
  • Adult and Youth Application (add as needed)

In right pocket:

  • Fridge Version Calendar for Current Year or Online Calendar Printout depending on how late in year
  • Equipment Wish List
  • Scout/Leader Roster
  • Membership Commitment Form

For Annual Meeting/Adult Registration Night have at the check in table:

  • Sign In Sheet for All Adults based on current roster
  • Log for dues, boys life and outstanding scout account payments
  • Scout Account Balances
  • Data Printouts from TM to be checked
  • All hand outs from above packets
  • Scout Account Balances
  • Some form of Adult Sign up with currently filled and empty positions

Chartered years ago East Lansing's Troop 2 is
one of the oldest Boy Scout Troops in the country.
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