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Troop 2 Planning Forms

Planning forms
most forms are in PDF format

A Permission Slip is needed for each event not at Peoples Church.

Annual Health and Medical Record
This form (Parts A & B) are needed for any activity.
All Campouts over 72 hours need all 3 parts of the form.

Covid Waiver documents

Troop Meeting Plan
Used by the Senior Patrol Leader at the Patrol Leader Council to plan Troop meetings.

Patrol Campout Planner
Hand this out to each patrol/group 3-4 weeks before the scheduled event. Have each patrol update it each week between handout and commit deadline. Once the commit deadline arrives, collect these completed forms and use them to fill out the Event Roster.

Event Roster
Use this form to record who is going, has permits in, has money in, who returned safely, etc. Especially, use it for check-in on the day of the event (delegate check-in to SPL or other scout leader).

Central Registry Clearance Request

Driving Reimbursement
Spreadsheet for calculating Reimbursement.

A Reimbursement Request form is needed for every funds request from the Treasurer.

Scout Account Authorization form

Menu Planning
Friday to Sunday menu planning. Includes a 3-day menu grid and a "Shopping List and Budget".

Info for Joining

Youth Positions
Descriptions of the various youth leadership positions.

Member Commitment Signature Form
Individual Viewing -- A Time to Tell

NYLT Scholarship Application
for Youth Leadership training Only.

Calculate Advancement Dates
Calculate dates leading up to a Court of Honor.

Polar Bear Award Requirements
Just as it is called. Hand this out to all scouts 2 months before the scheduled Polar Bear event.

Adult Resource Survey
For adult volunteer prospects.

Merit Badge Conselor Registration

Blue Card Merit Badge Application - fillable PDF

What to bring on a campout

Parent Packet List



Chartered years ago East Lansing's Troop 2 is
one of the oldest Boy Scout Troops in the country.
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