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Uniform Policy
Designation Definition Comments When to wear
Class A Button down Scout Uniform Shirt or Crew Polo No tattered pants.
All other uniform items optional.
For troop meetings, in transit to events/camping trips (suggestion - bring a hanger and leave in car)
Class A
Class A shirt, Scout Pants or Black Slacks Troop only: Include Neckerchief & Merit Badge Sash if available (O/A Sash only if you are representing O/A) Scout Sunday, Court of Honors (particularly Eagle), and other formal events when we want to look our best
Class B Any scout related or plain T-shirt No images, writing etc. that is not scout related While on campouts or activities and not in transit.
Grey B Standard Troop or Crew Grey T-shirt   When Class Bs are appropriate and we want to look uniform, such as Church CleanUp, Scouting for Food, Certain Summer Camp days, on Camporees or campouts when doing something public like shooting, museums etc.

Chartered years ago East Lansing's Troop 2 is
one of the oldest Boy Scout Troops in the country.